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kaewCoin Tokenomics

We are an ecommerce marketplace platform that uses KaewCoin as a payment medium for all products on our platform and our partners.
We have created a Marketplace where our users can open an online store and sell their products.And we have built KaewCoin as a Payment gateway for payment of goods on our Platform.Decentralized exchange platform to support the exchange of our users.
5 Million Coin
Start Project Dec-27-2022 02:12:02 UTC
Accepted currencies BUSD
Number of tokens
5,000,000 KAEW
Tokens exchange rate
1 BUSD = 0.0182 KAEW
Contract Address
Minimal transaction amount
0.1 BUSD
List Dex exchange
List Central Exchange, bittrue, Lbank, others

What Is BEP-20

BEP-20 is a Binance Smart Chain token standard created with the intention of extending ERC-20, which is one of the most common Ethereum token standards out there. BEP-20 is a blueprint as to how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and it even has rules about its overall usage. The BEP-20 standard was both derived from and fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard, and the code of the functions that define the BEP-20 standard are modifications of the ERC-20 standard. These modifications were done and intended to improve the protocol while also optimizing its speed as well as transaction cost. In fact, BEP-20 was conceived as this technical specification for the Binance Smart chain with the goal of actually providing a flexible format through which many developers can launch different tokens. These tokens could represent anything from shares within a business to dollars, which are stored in a bank vault such as stablecoins.